A new approach to Logistics and Training

One of the most real time daunting aspects of implementing an ERP system is the idea, that once the implementation of the project is complete, the users should be able to easily start using the system immediately. It’s essential to make sure that your team has the skills and knowledge they’ll need before you even begin implementation. By doing so they’ll be up and ready for anything right from day one of production.

How we can Help ?
There is no parachute for safe-landing, if your employees can’t adopt to your ERP systems.

Our unique training solutions allow your employees to maximize the benefits of new and existing business systems and ERP applications, Custom Processes and enable business change.

Why our approach is the best in Logistics Training Industry?

Specific to real world applications customized for your organization only. Not a generic training from the product company.

Personalized training content and videos are developed for every role. This establishes a perfect connection between process and people.

Our content and videos can be hosted for your organization. They are small commercial size videos and employees can learn whenever they want. This cuts down on days of traditional training time and saves thousands of dollars for you.

Managers can track all training related activity of their employees.

Quizzes, Discussion Forums and blogs are incorporated to the learning system for a real time learning experience.