Predictive Freight Analytics

How our predictive analytics solution is different and unique:

Traditional analytics technology has been serving industry's  intelligence  needs for decades, allowing them to analyze large data sets from traditional sources of supply chain such as Order Management, warehousing and logistics systems. We it to the next level, allowing organizations to harness extremely large data volumes including non-traditional data sources such as social media, weather forecast in conjunction with information from logistics, supply chain and financial business systems in a much more economical fashion, in both batch and in real time modes. 


It's more than just 'look-back information', of say how many shipments you shipped in last week from Bangkok to Los Angeles, but rather pulling the data necessary to ship them faster, cheaper, reduce or eliminate risk and achieve maximum customer satisfaction.



Our predictive analytics solutions can seamlessly integrate into different logistics, production and distribution processes. Advanced predictive technology and real-time processing of massive data is capable of providing a new quality for identifying new opportunity, risk forecast and resolution strategy. With actionable freight intelligence to help your decisions, you can take the necessary actions to significantly reduce risk, lower freight costs and identify unknowns easily and quickly.

Some of the key possibilities:

Predict freight volume on any day, week or month.

Optimize resource and budget.

Analyze real time risk and resolution(e.g system generated alternate route or different execution strategy).

Determine the pattern for pick volume.

Create an unlimited number of scenarios for every possible transportation situation.

Side by side scenario comparison

Analyze data from multiple sources like ERP, carrier, Customs Broker, weather and social media.