Few lines about us

Logistics and supply chain were always integrated for a better part of the last century. We got them more closer and intertwined effortlessly. The results have been beyond expectations of the freight Industry.


When we pioneered using Big data and Artificial Intelligence together on the same platform, this has completely rewritten the rules of the game. Freight movement across the continents and seas has never been so – VISIBLE and MANAGEABLE.



We use salesforce.com to build fast, simple user interfaces and the latest machine learning to accurately process information. Our predictive analytics solution for freight industry is light year ahead of others. 


We have a team of data scientists and Freight planning strategists who are one of the best in the business of digital freight forecasting, digital freight sourcing, and predictive freight analytics. 



And for your Logistics training and Learning needs, we have custom built training programs, categorically developed to suit every individual role and needs of your workforce.


Empower your logistics by making freight data organized, accessible, predictive, and actionable.